The Road to Sexism pt 2

Identifying love with expressing feelings is biased towards the way women prefer to behave in a loving relationship… Both scholars and the general public continue to use a feminized definition of love… Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men’s behaviour is measured with a female ruler.”1

Francesca M. Cancian in her 1987 book Love in America: Gender and Self-Development

Feminism is bullcrap because feminists don’t practice it. People talk about the bright side of ideological feminism, which is this vague, airy-fairy notion of ‘equality’ that is supposed to evoke warm, fuzzy feelings out of people. Ideological feminism never matches up with practical feminism, which is a perpetual victim narrative where women will always be in some conquered state under the Patriarchy.

When they see me, men and women behave differently towards me because they see a man. They will not address me like a child, nor will not address me as a woman. This behavior is not wrong, offensive, or inappropriate. Going from there, asking me to treat women differently “because feminism” is about as dumb as asking women to go out of their way to interpret my behavior as something other than masculine, “because feminism”. It’s never going to happen, and honestly, it would feel odd if someone tried.

If people wanted to treat me differently, they might ask questions like: Why are men always considered the aggressor? Why are men supposed to hold the door open for women? Why are men “sexist pigs” by default? Why are men supposed to take on masculine roles to risk their life and well being for the women and children in the face of danger? Why are men supposed to be a responsible fathers? Why are men dumb as dogs?

The answer to these are all easy: because you’re a man. In some cases this is exactly how its supposed to be. In others, this type of sexism can be “unfair” for myself, along with other men. Oh well, that’s life. Tough.

Read the rest of the article at A Voice for Men.


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