A Voice for Men: The road to sexism is paved with feminism pt 1

In the past I’ve written about sexism, patriarchy, and articles based on the differences between men and women. Most of this has been filled with footnotes, historical examples, or anecdotal observations. Here, I’m attempting to write a more anecdotal tale, covered in two parts. It may not read like a straight line. The main reason I’m doing this is to help other men who may have gone through similar phases and events as I did getting here. I know for myself, dealing with life in general, reading about other peoples’ experiences, and their interpretations of them, have always helped me learn and grow. So I’m going to try to help do the same for others, even if this does come with an air of vulnerability.

I’m also doing this partially in response to the backlash I’ve gotten, which has been surprisingly minimal up to this point. Most of the backlash I get, despite the great care I take in explaining things in the most calm, simplest, and benevolent manner, involves people not even reading what I wrote, and assuming the worst.

Read the rest of the article at A Voice for Men.



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