A Voice For Men: “The Role of Masculinity”


There is, and there always has been a difference between men and women. A significant portion of our world’s history based how it functioned off of those differences. In recent developments in human philosophy, certain groups have sought to blur the lines between the two sexes for their personal gain. In doing so, they have also tried to reorganize society more and more to their mold of how they think the world should be, versus what it is. Feminism is at the head of this movement.

Politicians and government officials have institutionalized all sorts of androgynous pseudo-equality measures because they wanted to double their voters and broaden the tax base. Social figures who want to be popular and make money cater to crowds of women who are waiting to be flattered, and told that they can be everything that a man can be on live television. Limp wrist males with no father figures or male role models spend their lives supplying women with unending attention, just at the chance that a  female will give them a moment of acknowledgment in exchange. Feminists in this world live to tell one another all sorts of nonsensical folklore about how a woman is at best in life when she is trying to be a man.

All these people tell you that there are no differences between men and women. They shame men for laying claim to those differences. They teach you not to think about them. They teach you that it’s wrong to assign behaviors or roles to men or women like children or adults. The above is active at all times until situations arise where those differences matter and men must exercise their masculinity to provide for women, and save them from danger…

Read the rest of the article at A Voice For Men.


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