A Voice For Men Article: “Why I’m Sexist”


As a man, I grew up a feminist and spent a large part of my life identifying as a feminist. I was taught about gender equality before I was taught proper comprehension skills. I was taught that, as a man, I should reserve myself and my masculinity so not to offend women or get in their way. Many men were taught the same as boys. They were wrongly taught that girls were either as good as men or better than them, ateverything. This was mostly done by all-women school teachers and various other figureheads in society (AKA, “The Patriarchy”).

I can testify to this with my experience and the experience of others: that if you were a boy raised in the late 20th/early 21st century, it was very likely that you were taught not to be a man before you are taught to be a man.

A sociology class I took, along with other events in my life, changed all of this…

Read the whole article at A Voice for Men.


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